Don't sweat the small stuff

We caught up with Mater mum Sarah, who recently gave birth to her second son, Mackenzie, at Mater Mothers’ Private Redland. She tells us about her experience, what she’s most looking forward to and how her older son Mason is adjusting to being a big brother.

Tell us about your experience at Mater Mothers.

My second son, Mackenzie (Mack), was born at Mater Mothers’ Private Redland after a very swift five-hour labour on a Monday morning. As a resident of Redland City, I had heard so many positive reviews about Mater Mothers' Private Redland, and always knew that's where I would deliver my baby. I'm so pleased I did.  From the nurturing and encouraging delivery team and the supportive ward staff, right down to the beautiful volunteers who changed the water for my flowers and delivered my morning paper, the care that we received was second-to-none.

What’s it like now that you and Mackenzie are home—has it been easy for your older son to adjust to having a little brother?

The second time around is certainly easier. I'm much more relaxed and don't sweat the small stuff like I did with my first son. Mason (who just turned two) loves his brother and always wants to kiss and cuddle him, however, he is still learning the meaning of "gentle".  As such, I can't leave the baby in his bouncer or on his play mat—or anywhere within toddler-reaching distance—unless I’m right there beside him! 

Since Mack's birth, Mason has become very clingy to myself and his daddy, crying at bedtime when we leave his room, and not wanting us to leave when we drop him off at day care. We know this must be a difficult time for him, so we're very mindful of including him in the baby's routine and spending one-on-one time with him.

What are you most looking forward to?

As much as I love the cuddly newborn stage, I'm looking forward to watching Mack grow and reach his developmental milestones, and to watching the boys develop a relationship and play together.

Tell us about some of the beautiful moments you've experienced so far—those memories that will always stand out in your mind?

After a somewhat traumatic birth with my first son, Mack's birth went seamlessly. I will never forget the moment his little body was placed on my chest and he curled his fingers around mine. He didn't cry, he just stared in wonder at his new surrounds, and I stared in awe at his perfection. 

A few hours later, my parents brought Mason to the hospital to meet his new baby brother. Seeing them together for the first time made my heart swell! How did I get so lucky?

Do you have any advice for new mums?

When you have a bad day (and you will!), remember the motto "this too shall pass." Breathe and take it a day at a time. 

Also, accept all offers of help! In the first few weeks, having meals already prepared for you will be a godsend!  

Finally, if a visitor asks if they can bring anything, suggest they pick up some take away coffees on the way. This will save you from having to play host and be left with washing up! 

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