Three generations of Mater love

 “If he had an aura of love it would fill all of Brisbane…. That’s how big it would be. Patrick is just loved beyond words.”

For first-time grandmother Anne, the love she has for grandson Patrick is all consuming.

“You are in love with your own children, that’s a given. But you just don’t realise the amount of love you’re going to have for this new baby in your life. Words fail me.”

From the moment the pregnancy news was shared with Anne she was delighted, and she’s been feeling overwhelmed ever since. 

“Mel and Josh came up early one Saturday morning. We were chatting away and Josh pushed something in front of me and I kept talking, and he pushed it in front of me more... it was a little box with a tiny pair of shoes and a note to grandma saying 'maybe next April I can wear these shoes when I am visiting'. Well that was it – I was in tears!"

Anne has a special connection with Mater; three generations of her family were born at Mater Mothers – her younger sister and brother, her children, and now her grandson Patrick.

“I felt delighted coming back to the Mater as a grandmother because I knew the baby would be in the best of care and if anything did happen the staff are so professional that everything would be ok.

“Sadly my eldest daughter Genevieve passed away at seven and a half weeks old. That’s why the Mater is so special to us… because they were so brilliant with Genevieve,” says Anne.

Waiting for the elated call from her son Josh was a nervous wait for Anne, who is a marriage celebrant.

 “A couple called me and asked if I’d marry them on 31st March. I said yes because I needed to take my mind off the birth as I laughingly told them, they were delighted to be a part of it too. After their ceremony I opened my phone to check how things were going and Josh and Mel had sent through the photo.  After showing all the guests and my gorgeous bride and groom I raced home, got changed and was back at the Mater in about ten minutes!” recalls Anne.

“I remember knocking and Josh opening the door. The look on his face was saying ‘How did you get here so quickly’. They asked if I’d like to know the baby’s name and I said ‘of course’! I burst into tears when they told me… Patrick was my dad’s second name and my mum’s name was Patricia… so to me it was really, really special.”

Paddy is now just over six months old and Anne feels privileged that Mel and Josh allow her to be so involved in their lives.

“They are doing a mighty job of raising Paddy. No one will ever do it the way you would do it, they do it their own way and they do it perfectly. They’re so calm with him and so capable.”

Anne says Patrick will always have the most special place in her heart because he’s the first.

“If I’m lucky enough to get other grandchildren, I wonder how I’m ever going to love them as much as I love Patrick… though I’m sure I will,” laughs Anne.  “Totally blessed…that’s how I see my life with Patrick in it!”

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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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