Cheeky chats with Nanna

Little Elizabeth Grace is only seven months old but her smile is well and truly lighting up the life of her family and first-time grandmother Sue.

“With Elizabeth, I must say, the outstanding feature is her smile. At seven months old she recognises people immediately. The first thing you’re greeted with, if she wakes up or if they’re bringing her in from the car, is a smile!”

“She’s a lovely little person to be with no matter where she is. You rarely see tears.”

Sue says being a grandparent is a special blessing as they didn’t expect a grandchild and they’re just delighted for daughter Catherine and husband Daryl.

“It does put life into perspective. As an older person I feel I have more of a future and that’s something to contemplate.”

Every moment spent with her granddaughter is special.

“Last week I was feeding Elizabeth and a bit of the milk went on my shirt and Elizabeth looked at me and gave me a great grin. She has a very definite personality and she certainly expresses it!” says Sue.

“When she’s with me, I put her in the highchair and give her a few spoons and a plastic bowl and we talk to each other while I get my jobs done. She’s a chatty little number. It’s lovely to have her here… the day disappears when she’s here.”

“Over the years I’ve heard many grandparents say it’s lovely to see the grandchildren but it’s nice to hand them back to their parents… and I do agree with that aspect, I must admit,” Sue laughs.

As a mother of three, Sue appreciates the little moments, like Elizabeth’s baptism, that have bought the family together.

“Catherine’s brother came up from Melbourne as a Godparent and the other Godparent is Anna, Catherine’s sister in London. I think the really special thing for me is that my three children were all very close and Anna has been away for a long time… but now everyone is back in the fold,” says Sue.

“Anna was absolutely thrilled when Elizabeth was born. Anna is always messaging and Catherine sends photos of Elizabeth all the time. It just reinforces the family nature of having young children… and having Elizabeth has certainly emphasised the coming together of our family.”

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