The moment motherhood became real

Contributed by Mater Mum Melinda Campbell

“The 20 week scan was mind-blowing… seeing his little face, his nose and chubby cheeks... that was the moment that it became real for us , that there was really a little human in there! It was also the time when I started to feel Patrick kick… up until then it’s a bit surreal. But that first kick and those scans … they make it real. Then it becomes scary and exciting all at the same time.” Melinda says.

While Josh and Melinda Campbell’s journey to becoming first time parents may have been full of surprises and new experiences, on occasions throughout the pregnancy, the couple faced times when it was challenging and a little scary.

“Throughout my pregnancy Patrick was normally an energetic little bub, constantly kicking and moving around throughout the day. But one day Patrick decided he’d spend the day having a good old snooze and I was worried because I hadn’t felt him move for most of the day. So I called Josh and we went to the Pregnancy Assessment Centre to get checked out. While we were being assessed, Patrick woke up from his slumber and gave me a little kick,” Melinda explains.

And then came the moment that Melinda and Josh met their little boy for the first time. Patrick Judd Campbell arrived via caesarean on 31 March 2017 at 1.53pm weighing 3.2kg – much to the excitement of Melinda and dad Josh, who himself was also a Mater baby.

“The moment that they dropped that sheet … there are no words. I was just so overcome by this little one before me, that this little boy was ours!”

Melinda said there were a lot of tears from herself, Josh & Patrick - but it was by far the best and most emotional thing the family have ever experienced.

“That love that people talk about, that instant love that you have never known before, it was right there and you can’t explain it until you are there but it was simply amazing.”

“I think it is the most amazing thing you can do in life. Watching this little human that we have made go from being a tiny bundle of joy to a fun-loving little boy and then grow up to be (hopefully) a not-so-horrendous teenager and then develop into a young man. It’s about the adventures and all the exciting things we are going to be able to do together,” said Melinda.

“I have an amazing husband and I thought life couldn’t get any better… but then you add this little boy and it’s a whole new level.”

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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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