Mummy can't wait to meet you

Contributed by Mater Mum Deahna Frew

In a loving, heartfelt letter to her "little gummy bear" (due at Mater Mothers Private Redland in early July), mum to be Deahna Frew shares the beautiful moments in life she is looking forward to most as a mum. 

To my dearest Gummy Bear,

From the moment I found out about you, i've felt a love that I never knew existed. I didn't know that somebody I have never met could have so much of my heart. That feeling has only grown and grown with every scan, doctors appointment and little kick I've have felt since the moment I held that positive pregnancy test in my hands.

Your daddy and I found out that you would be joining our family while we were on our honeymoon in Europe, I had a feeling for a couple weeks prior to doing a test that you were with us & growing. I'm not sure how to explain it but I just couldn't get the idea of being pregnant out of my head, all these little changes that I noticed just kept re-iterating the thought that I might be pregnant.

I didn't tell your daddy about my thoughts or symptoms right away because

  1. I didn't want to get his or my own hopes up and
  2. I had a little plan of how I wanted to tell him, that he was going to become a daddy.

So I waited until it was time to do a test. The day I did it, we were staying by Lake Como in Italy. I woke up that morning at 3am with excitement. As I couldn't wait any longer, I snuck out of bed and did the test. Straight away I noticed the second line appear and although the test was in Italian, I knew what that meant (although I did a quick Google translate just to be 100% sure!)

So with the excitement building and the knowledge that I can NEVER keep a secret for very long I got underway with my plan. I had a little piece of paper that said "You're going to be a daddy" that I used to take a number of secret photos with your daddy in them totally unaware.

The next morning I made them into a short video and showed them to your daddy. Watching the realisation flow over him and the thought of him being your daddy was making my heart burst. Daddy was a bit shocked and all he could manage to say at first was "how do you know" to which I showed him the test and then he had one of the biggest smiles I think I've ever seen cross his face, probably bigger than then the one I'd seen 3 weeks earlier as I walked down the aisle to him at our wedding.

Being your mummy is the biggest and scariest thing I have ever done and you're not even here yet. It's hard to explain but I feel a sense of protection for you that I've never felt for anyone else in my life and I know that feeling will only get stronger and stronger with every passing day. I have loved you since the day you existed, and it's a love that I know will never cease to survive. I feel as though everything in this moment is exactly as it should be, like being your mummy is what I was made for and nothing can wipe the smile off my face every time you move or kick within me.

I think the only thing better than being your mummy, is getting to watch my husband be your daddy. He is going to be the most amazing daddy anyone could ask for and you my little gummy bear picked good when you picked him to be your daddy. I cannot wait to begin our new journey as being mummy & daddy and becoming a family of three.

As the days go by and we get closer and closer to meeting you and having you in our arms, there are so many milestones in the future that I am finding myself dream of, the day you arrive, your first cry, your first words, your first steps, first & last day of school, your first love. All of these moments and many more are what make me want to wake up every day and be the best mummy to you that I could ever be. Nothing in life will be out of your reach while I'm around, I'll be your biggest fan and supporter. I can't wait to watch you grow, strive and make memories with your daddy and you.

I love you now - forever and always

Love always,
Your mummy

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