Research dedicated to improving mother's, babies and women's health

Research dedicated to improving mother's, babies and women's health

Did you know we have a dedicated Mother’s Babies and Women’s Health research team? Frances Maguire leads an amazing team of nurses, midwives, and research assistants—they're looking for more women to join their studies.
The research team play a vital role in studying, managing and improving women’s general and gynaecological health. They are also investigating problems that can happen in pregnancy and with newborn babies.
A large area of important research for the team is looking at how to improve care and outcomes for sick newborns. They're learning more about a baby's development in the womb and how this can impact a child’s early life and lifelong health.
Frances said learning more about pregnancy problems will help to reduce risks during pregnancy and childbirth. 
“Our team is currently involved in many important neonatal and antenatal studies into mother’s, babies’ and women’s health,” Frances said.
“The research team are also involved in many important full-term and prematurely born newborn studies.”
More research in these areas will help create better treatment and care to ensure lifelong health for babies. 
Research Midwife Renae Atkinson, explains all the studies are supported by many teams across Mater Mothers.
“We are still looking for mothers to sign up to some of our studies. These studies generally take very little time to complete, usually before or after your regular antenatal appointment,” Renae said.
“We believe that these important studies are fundamental in improving health outcomes for mothers, babies and their families for generations to come.”
Would you like to be involved in ground-breaking research? You can find more information on the Mater Research website or email the Mother’s, Babies, Women’s Health Team at


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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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