The caring continues at Emporium

The caring continues at Emporium

For second time parents Raymond and Hannah, spending two days in a luxurious river view room at Emporium Hotel South Bank after the birth of their son was the right option for them.

“It was the perfect environment for us to spend time together and get to know our little one,” Hannah said.

 “Only 18 months ago, we had Llewellyn at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane. On Friday we welcomed our second son Hugo. It has been two completely different experiences. Both great, but different,” Hannah said.

After learning about the new Mater Moments at Emporium option, the couple initially weren’t sure whether they should go straight home or take up the offer to spend two nights at Emporium Hotel South Bank following their discharge.

It was the security of having a midwife or nurse on-site 24/7 for support and to help with any questions that swayed their decision.

“We knew we wanted to leave hospital a little earlier than we had with Llewellyn given that Hugo was well, so the tipping point for us going to the Emporium was knowing we had support so close,” Raymond said.  “We’ve really been able to relax, get to know Hugo and be more comfortable as a family, all while having a Mater nurse close by for support.”

Hannah agreed, “It’s just been so nice having quality time to bond with Hugo before going home. Raymond and I have had time to reconnect with each other and also spend time with just Hugo. It really has been lovely.”

It’s also been a nice environment for big brother Llewellyn to meet and get to know his new baby brother.

“Llewellyn has been staying with grandma but came to visit us at Emporium last night,” Hannah said.

“He visited at the hospital as well but we found he was a lot more relaxed here. He was able to sit and watch T.V. with his popcorn and give his new brother some cuddles; I think we all feel much more confident going home after this experience.”

And by chance, their midwife who cared for them in hospital was also the midwife supporting families at the hotel for their first night at Emporium.

“The Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane staff have been so beautiful. We had a few questions about Hugo on our first night at Emporium, and within five minutes of calling the midwife she was in our room,” Hannah said.

“She sat down with us and really made us feel so comforted by talking everything through.”

Hannah has already been recommending Mater Moments at Emporium Hotel South Bank to her friends and family.

“I’d definitely say do it. If you can, and you’re able, then do it—it’s worth it. I’m really glad we came. We will have a good night sleep tonight and be ready to tackle home tomorrow,” Hannah said.

For more information about Mater Moments at Emporium Hotel South Bank, click here or call 07 3163 1782.

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