Sienna’s best birthday ever

Sienna’s best birthday ever

Five years ago, mum Danielle spent the night in Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane awaiting the arrival of her first baby. Outside, Riverfire was lighting up the sky. The very next day she welcomed her daughter Sienna.

Fast forward five years and Danielle and her husband Jordan were expecting their third child.

“I knew my third baby, Hunter, was due around the same date as Sienna was born. Luckily I was induced and chose to bring forward the delivery so Sienna and Hunter didn’t share a birthday.”

And this year, the family were lucky to be able to choose Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane’s new offering, Mater Moments at Emporium. As a family, this meant being able to  spend two nights in a luxurious river view room at Emporium Hotel South Bank.

Mater Moments at Emporium offers families an opportunity to enjoy all of the creature comforts of a boutique hotel while having daily visits from a Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane Midwife. The perfect way to get to know your little one!

Miraculously the dates aligned and Sienna was able to celebrate her 5th birthday with her mum, dad and two younger brothers as Riverfire once again lit up Brisbane’s sky—all from the comfort of their hotel room.

“We had an awesome view from our room and Sienna absolutely loved it. She said it was her ‘best birthday ever’ on multiple occasions,” Danielle said.

“I’m worried she is going to be expecting this standard of celebration every year now!”

Throughout the stay, Danielle and Jordan’s older two children were very busy exploring all that the Emporium had to offer.

“The kids were actually up in the rooftop pool when the Super Hornet rehearsed its flyer over on Friday afternoon, which they absolutely loved,” Danielle said.

“In the hospital they were going a bit stir crazy, running up and down the hallway. So it was so nice for them to be able to come and visit, say hi to Hunter and then go to the pool, or for a walk along South Bank with dad.”

It was also the perfect and comfortable environment for Danielle to spend some time getting to her know her new son Hunter, with few distractions.

“It was such a nice experience having time with just Hunter. It was a great bonding experience. There were different spots to sit and feed and it was lovely having a big bed to spread out. It was so comfortable,” Danielle said.

“Staying at the Emporium was a treat. I was able to order food and have it delivered and not have to do the washing and ironing and look after the kids straight away. It was a really nice way to ease my way back home,” Danielle said.

“I could just worry about myself and Hunter for a couple of extra days.”

“It made perfect sense for me to choose this option. I would definitely recommended Emporium especially for second and third babies. It was so much fun for the whole family. It was all so wonderful,” Danielle said.

For more information about Mater Moments at Emporium Hotel South Bank, click here or call 07 3163 1782.

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