Helping mums recover after childbirth

Helping mums recover after childbirth

The physiotherapy team based in Mater Mothers’ Hospital have seen a 40 per cent increase in private physiotherapy appointments through the Mater Health and Wellness clinic.

An increase in referrals means mothers are seeing the value in having allied health professionals support their pregnancy, birthing journey and post-natal care.

Team Leader of Mothers’, Women’s & Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Sheridan Guyatt said she and her team treat a range of issues with mothers and can make a real impact on their quality of life.

“As physiotherapists we play an important role in the birthing journey at Mater Mothers’ we are usually their first point of contact during their antenatal classes and their last at their six week follow up appointment,” Sheridan said.

“Our focus for antenatal care is helping to reduce the pain and discomfort many women experience especially in the later stages of pregnancy and help prepare them for labour. 

“We then have a six week post-natal check-up examining their abdominal wall, pelvic floor and addressing any additional issues or concerns they may have since giving birth.”

Sheridan explains the team are able to assist women getting back to their normal day-to-day activities and adjust to life with their new baby.

“We are able to work one-on-one with our patients to help them achieve their individual goals like returning to their normal exercise routine. We can also help with more personal issues women can experience recovering from childbirth,” she said.

“It’s an incredibly rewarding career; most of our team are young mothers themselves so we have a great empathy and understanding for some of the problems facing new mothers.”

Mater Health and Wellness offer private Physiotherapy, Dietetic, Psychology and Social Worker services, to support women and their families before, during and after pregnancy. 

To make an appointment, you can phone 07 3163 6000 (1, 2) or email at



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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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