Baby Archer inspires Olympian mum to stay on track

Baby Archer inspires Olympian mum to stay on track

Australian Olympian Genevieve Gregson says her new bundle of joy Archer is her inspiration to qualify for the upcoming Paris Olympics.
The Australian middle-distance runner suffered a major setback during last year’s Tokyo Olympics, when she ruptured her right Achilles after falling on the last water jump of the women’s 3000m steeplechase final.
Picked up by medical staff and forced to leave the stadium in a wheelchair, Genevieve, 32, said she knew from that moment it was time to start a family.
Less than a year on, Genevieve and fellow athlete husband Ryan Gregson welcomed Archer James Gregson at Mater Mothers’ Hospital on June 15, weighing 4.09 kg. 
Genevieve has her sights set on the Paris Olympics in 2024 and is eagerly awaiting clearance from her physicians to start light cross training.
“Up until Tokyo, my main goal and what drove me was running and my sport. It’s my hobby and passion,” she said.
“The way Tokyo unfolded was heartbreaking at the time.
“As an athlete I was looking for something to set in my sights. My injury was horrible, and it was going to be a long recovery. 
“If I hadn’t done that injury, I wouldn’t have had Archer. It’s a blessing in disguise. I have put everything into perspective.
“I still have so many running goals and plan on qualifying for my fourth Olympics.”
Genevieve said she was soaking up the time with her newborn son, enjoying time off training and “loving the sleep-ins and slow days”.
“My body has healed, and I’ve bounced back. I’m looking forward to the next chapter – the Olympics.”
Bringing Archer home from hospital has been an “absolutely insane time”, according to Genevieve.
“I didn’t know you could love something so much.”
“I did too much research prior to having him and heard all the scary stories of sleepless nights and scary birth stories, but it has been a dream run for us.
“I think it also helps that I am a high energy person and used to running off little sleep.”


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