Oh brother! Miracle triplet boys are ready for school

Oh brother! Miracle triplet boys are ready for school

Parents Clare and Adrian Collins say their Cleveland home will be “much quieter” when their identical triplets Liam, Jack and Daniel Collins head to school for the first time on Monday (22 January).

Mrs Collins, 47, said she was unsure if she was emotionally ready for the brothers’ “big day” at Ormiston State School.

“There will be tears, more likely from me – I think the boys will be fine,” Clare said.

“It’s hard to comprehend their schooling days are now here.

“Like all parents, I feel like their preschool years have gone too quickly but I am excited for the next chapter and what that means for the boys and us as a family.”

The miracle triplets were born six weeks premature and within one minute of each other at Mater Mothers’ Hospital in South Brisbane on 20 June, 2018.

The trio were born via a caesarean section, with Liam arriving first at 11.31am and weighing 1.7kg grams. Jack arrived next weighing 1.8kg, followed by the smallest of the trio, Daniel, who weighed just 1.6kg.

Across the state, an estimated 12,000 Mater babies are expected to start school on Monday.

“All the boys are autistic so we have a fairly full calendar of therapies and support which can feel overwhelming to manage sometimes,” Clare said.

“Trying to balance school and other support will be trial and error at first, but we are confident that once they are settled in school, they will flourish together.”

Mrs Collins said she was grateful for the care provided by the multidisciplinary team at Mater Mothers’ Hospital, where her sons spent three weeks in the Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU).

“Thankfully the boys didn’t have any major complications when they were born, only Daniel needed some initial help with breathing,” she said.

Clare described life raising triplet boys as “hectic”.

“The boys are full on, full of energy and they are the biggest jokers!” she said.

Mr and Mrs Collins decided to put the triplets in separate classes so they can develop their own identities and peer relationships.

“It also assists with their current individual needs – and I am sure they will spend time together in the playground,” she said.

“I know they are looking forward to learning new things and I am looking forward to having more time for walks and exercise!”

Each year nearly 2,000 very sick and premature babies receive round-the-clock specialist care from the multidisciplinary team in Mater Mothers’ NCCU.


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