Mater reveals most memorable baby names of 2023

Mater reveals most memorable baby names of 2023

Gold Coast premmie Tinomuvongashe was a little baby when he was born – but he was given a very big name.
In fact, Tinomuvongashe had the longest name of any of the 2,000 babies cared for in the Neonatal Critical Care Unit at Mater Mothers’ Hospital last year.
Born seven weeks early at Mater Mothers’ Hospital in South Brisbane on 12 April 2023, ‘TJ’ as he is better known, spent two months receiving around-the-clock care in the unit – while a team of doctors and nurses worked hard to pronounce his 14-character long name.
Also on the list of long names is a baby girl called Milliyana-Marie.
Mater Mothers’ Hospital revealed the most popular names for girls in 2023 included Matilda, Ella and Lily, and for boys was Oliver, Theodore and William.
When first-time Zimbabwean mum Monalisa, from Merrimac, found out she was having a baby boy at her eleven-week pregnancy scan, she and her husband, also named Tinomuvongashe, were “certain” about their son’s name choice.
“We always wanted to call him Tinomuvongashe, just like his father. His name means ‘we praise God’,” Monalisa said.
Monalisa said many of the nurses had affectionately shortened her son’s name to ‘Tino’.
“Everyone struggled with his name, they found it difficult,” she said.
“My husband and I talked about how TJ would have to learn how to spell his name one day.
“So, we have given him an alternate name, Nathan, to consider. Nathan also means God’s gift to us.
“Shortening names is the Australian way, right,” she laughed.
Monalisa said Tinomuvongashe was born at 33 weeks and two days into her pregnancy due to having high blood pressure.  She said doctors advised her baby had intrauterine growth restriction, which is slow or halted fetal growth.
Mater Director of Neonatology Dr Pita Birch said it was always exciting compiling an annual list of baby names.
“We get everything from sweet and rare to meaningful and memorable,” Dr Birch said.
“In 2023, we had plants (Daisy, Jasmine and Juniper), colours (Hazel, Navy, Violet, Olive), and gems (Ruby, Amethyst, Rusty and Sterling),” he said.
“Some other memorable names included Harmony, Kaos, Laurelai, and Lexcen-Fili.”
Mater Mothers is one of the largest maternity service providers in Australia, with a new facility under construction in Springfield.
Top 10 girl names
  1. Matilda
  2. Ella
  3. Lily
  4. Mia
  5. Charlotte
  6. Grace
  7. Amelia
  8. Olivia
  9. Ava
  10. Georgia
Top 10 boy names
  1. Oliver
  2. Theodore
  3. William
  4. Henry
  5. Thomas
  6. Charlie
  7. James
  8. Leo
  9. Jack
  10. Noah
*List compiled by Mater Mothers’ Hospital.


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