Mum gives birth in car at Mater entrance

Mum gives birth in car at Mater entrance

Mum, Madhavi gave birth in the front seat of her car, with her husband helping to deliver their son outside Mater Mothers’ Hospital at South Brisbane yesterday morning.

Mater Mothers’ Hospital midwives Marine Pacquier, Carrie Simpson, and Gabby Rowsell rushed to assist second-time mum, Madhavi Leuke Bandara, following the quick birth of her son at 8.44am.

Madhavi said her waters broke just before she got into her car. 

She and her husband Shyam dropped their daughter Buvi at day care and headed straight to hospital, but the baby couldn’t wait.

Their son, who has not yet been named, weighed 3.6kg.

“It was a quick labour, about 2.5 hours,” said Madhavi.

“It all happened so quickly and before I knew it my husband actually caught the baby in the front passenger seat.

“He was overdue - we were expecting him on 16 January but we are incredibly happy he is okay.”

Mrs Bandara said her husband was initially shocked when she started to deliver the baby in the  car, but Mater Clinical Midwife Marine, one of the first on the scene, said Madhavi was “quite calm”.

“The baby was already out when we got there,” Marine said.

“Her husband actually had quite a few tears once he knew everything was okay.”

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