Become a Parent Aide Volunteer at Mater

Become a Parent Aide Volunteer at Mater

Mater’s Parent Aide Unit is a home-visiting service utilising trained volunteers (Parent Aides) who seek to improve infant-parent relationships.

The program is coordinated by experienced health professionals and has an early intervention and prevention focus. 

Parent Aides help parents who are experiencing difficulty with parenting in general. They work with  isolated and vulnerable families with a young baby by offering emotional support, practical assistance and encouragement in parenting. 

Parent Aides support the development of optimum attachment relationships between parents or carers and babies, to provide a strong foundation for the future.

Mater's Parent Aide Unit is seeking experienced parents and grandparents with an interest in becoming a Parent Aide Volunteer. 

What do Parent Aide Volunteers do? 

  • Visit assigned family(s) on a weekly basis

  • Assist parents with attending appointments and other community activities

  • Help new parents understand and respond to their child’s developmental needs

  • Offer suggestions, parenting tips and most importantly, encouragement

What does Mater offer Parent Aide Volunteers? 

  • Six days of initial training with catering and parking provided at no cost

  • Opportunities to access ongoing training and development every fortnight (during school terms)

  • Support from a skilled clinician in their work with families

  • An exceptional opportunity for personal development and meaningful contribution

  • Monthly lunches and special events to enable peer support and friendships

  • Reimbursement of travel expenses

Become a Parent Aide Volunteer

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Parent Aide Volunteer, please contact the Parent Aide Unit via phone 07 3163 2234 or via email

Read more about Mater's Parent Aide Unit here


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