Baby Mohan just couldn't wait

Baby Mohan just couldn't wait

Aishling and Stephen Mohan were on a mad dash to Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane yesterday morning, but their little boy could not wait. Just 200 metres from the hospital, Stephen had to pull over during peak hour traffic and baby Mohan was born in the bike lane.

"At 5 am my contractions started but they were mild, so I told Stephen to go to work and I would call him if they developed into anything. This is our second baby, so I thought I knew what I was doing and had more time," Aishling said.

After an hour the contractions increased, and Aishling called Stephen back from work saying it was ‘go time’.

Stephen arrived just as Aishling’s water broke, and after dropping their daughter Lyla at day care, they started making their way to the hospital.

Five minutes into the 40-minute drive, Aishling felt the need to push.

"I just kind of surrendered to the fact that the baby was coming in the car," she said.

"I told Stephen I was pushing and that the baby's head was coming out and he replied, 'just breathe'.

"There was a lovely lady—a paediatrician who was there at the right time, so she and Stephen delivered the baby and put him on my chest.”

Emily, a student midwife, was walking to her shift when a passing pedestrian asked her if she was able to help.

"Someone asked if I was a nurse and I responded with 'no, I'm a student midwife' and they pointed at the car and said 'she's having a baby', so I ran to the car as fast as I could," Emily said.

"The paediatrician was already there, so I was just reassuring mum, supporting her and making sure that everyone was okay and safe and everything was normal.

"I think that mum and dad did a wonderful job—it was a wonderful life experience that I will never forget."

The couple didn’t know the sex of their baby before the birth and have yet to decide on name, however they’ve received a few suggestions since the extraordinary arrival of their little boy.

Suggestions have included Roadie, paying homage to the road-side birth, Stanley, for the street name where he arrived into the world, Blane, for the being born in a bike lane, and Carson for their son who was born in the front seat of their car.

For now, both parents are just happy to have a healthy new family member.



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