This service provides a various range of facilities. These include the following:

  • pre-operation clinic
  • familiarisation tour of the unit
  • theatre services
  • post theatre follow-up
  • chemotherapy—in conjunction with other units
  • radiation therapy
  • relaxation therapies.


Professor Alex Crandon, gynae/oncologist

Dr Lewis Perrin, gynae/oncologist

Dr Naven Chetty, gynae/oncologist

Vicki Campbell, gynae/oncology case manager

The above doctors specialise in female reproductive cancers.

Pastoral Care

To assist with emotional support at the hospital.

Follow on Treatment

A number of patients require follow on treatment after their surgery. Gynae/oncology patients often require chemotherapy, radiotherapy or a combination of both. Staff are very aware of the emotional as well as the physical trauma that our patients encounter and the staff are very qualified in organising their care in a compassionate and caring manner.

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