Millie enjoys her first family holiday with baby brother Zurick

Millie enjoys her first family holiday with baby brother Zurick

Aldrick and Ruiza have spent the last few years travelling with their six-year-old daughter Millie. After moving from London to Sydney in 2017, the family recently decided to move north and call Springfield home.

“We love the sun and beaches in Queensland. We travelled a lot before building a house and settling in Springfield. This is where we want to raise our family,” mum Ruiza said. 

“Millie has wished for a sibling for a long time, and now that we are happy in Brisbane, we decided it was time to grow our family—which Millie was super excited about.”

With dad Aldrick being a nurse at Mater Private Hospital Springfield, having their baby at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane was an easy decision for the family.

“We wanted to know we were in the best hands possible to deliver our baby and Mater Mothers was the right option for us,” Ruiza said.

“We had heard the care received is very good but experiencing it for ourselves—it really was amazing.”

The family also heard from friends about our Caring Continues option which allows eligible* families to spend a luxurious two night stay at the nearby Emporium Hotel South Bank following the birth of their baby.

Eligible private mums who are well enough to be discharged on day two (or day three for a caesarean) can relax and bond with their newborn in luxurious surroundings with the comfort of knowing a Mater midwife is available onsite 24/7 to help with things like breastfeeding, sleeping and settling.

“It was reassuring to know that the midwives were on hand 24/7. They were really good at communicating that they were available. We did ask the midwife about Zurick’s jaundice and they were really responsive and said everything was normal and he was very healthy,” Ruiza said.

Millie also stayed with the family at the hotel and enjoyed a ‘mini holiday’.

 “Millie was able to stay with us at the Emporium. Aldrick said Millie was so excited walking into the hotel but when she met Zurick she was very quiet and had to be careful with the baby—she took her big sister role very seriously right from the start,” Ruiza said.

“As we have travelled with Millie quite a lot she is very used to hotels so it was the perfect place for the two to meet. Plus Millie loved swimming with her dad in the rooftop pool. She said it was her first holiday with her baby brother.”

The family are now home and are so thankful they had a couple of days of luxury transitioning between hospital and home.

“It’s a very good option for a family. Everyone took such good care of us. The care in the hospital and at Emporium Hotel was faultless. We cannot thank everyone enough, including our obstetrician Dr Megan Castner” Ruiza said.

For more information about Mater Moments at Emporium Hotel South Bank, click here or call 07 3163 1782.

*Subject to eligibility and availability.



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