Meeting Maggie

Meeting Maggie

Chris, Renee and big brother Jack recently welcomed a beautiful little girl into their family, Maggie.

But Renee’s pre and post pregnancy journey for Jack and Maggie couldn’t have been more different.

Jack was born premature at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane three and a half years ago. Born at 30 weeks, Chris and Renee took him home 64 days after he was born—around the time of his actual due date.

“With Jack, I was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia at 24 weeks and spent 24 nights on and off at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane in the lead up to his birth,” Renee said.

“The team were so lovely and caring and I was very well looked after.”

 “When they told me at 30 weeks that I would be delivering tomorrow, the team took Chris and I on a tour of Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU). They really prepared us as best they could,” Renee said.

“After Jack was born I didn’t see him for 24 hours as I was too unwell, but it was comforting knowing I had seen the space Jack was in and that he was being looked after by the best team.”

It took nine weeks of daily visits to Jack in hospital before Chris and Renee were able to take their son home. 

“It was strange going home and your baby still being in NCCU. For the next nine weeks I would start my new daily routine of taking the train into the hospital where I would spend six hours a day with Jack,” Renee said.

But the second time around, welcoming her daughter Maggie into the world could not have been more different for Renee.

 “The doctors were amazing during my pregnancy with Maggie, especially in giving me confidence that I would be able to get further along this time. Due to medication and close monitoring I made it to 38 weeks with no signs of pre-eclampsia at all,” Renee said.

After having to wait a week to hold Jack, Renee was thrilled to be able to hold Maggie immediately after her birth. Together, they were taken to the ward.

“The midwives at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane were so understanding that although this was my second child, it was my first time of being on the ward with my baby,” Renee said. 

“They were so helpful and caring and acknowledged it was very different for me this time around.”

Having heard about Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane’s new offering, Mater Moments at Emporium Hotel Brisbane, Renee decided this would be the perfect environment to bond with her daughter and growing family.

“Maggie and I were both healthy and doing great, and I had heard about Mater Moments at Emporium and thought that it would be something special for us to experience together.

Mater Moments at Emporium offers eligible Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane families an opportunity to enjoy two nights in a luxurious, quiet, spacious river-view hotel room while having access to a Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane midwife 24/7.

“It was a great transition home and I took our time at Emporium as an opportunity to relax and spend quality time with Maggie. It was a comforting stepping stone between hospital and home for my family as well,” Renee said.

And, the decision was also a hit with Renee’s son Jack.

“Jack had space to spend time with Maggie and understand what a little sister is,” Renee said.

“I think for a family it’s a really nice space before you go home. For us it was a treat as well. We’re so grateful for our birth experience with Jack and the positive outcome, but to be able to leave hospital together this time was really special; it was an extra bonus to spend some time as a family in luxury and comfort before heading home.”

For more information about Mater Moments at Emporium Hotel South Bank, click here or call 07 3163 1782.

*Subject to eligibility and availability.


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