North Queensland baby boom in time for Mother’s Day

North Queensland baby boom in time for Mother’s Day

North Queensland families have welcomed an unprecedented number of new arrivals in the lead up to Mother’s Day this weekend.

Sixteen babies have been born in the last 48 hours alone at Mater Private Hospital Townsville by families from across the region including Townsville, Ayr, Charters Towers and Ingham.

Ingham mother Kelly Solari was rushed to Townsville by ambulance yesterday when new baby Charlie seemed to be in a bit of a hurry to join in the family celebrations on Sunday.

“We were booked in at Mater to have a caesarean next Wednesday but he didn’t want to hold on that long,” she said.

“I ended up being rushed to Townsville yesterday with all the lights and sirens going, and gave birth naturally with the support of the incredible team of doctors, midwives and nurses at Mater.”

Husband Callan Solari said he managed to stay mostly calm as he followed behind the ambulance, until he saw the flashing lights go on when they reached Deeragun.

“I was doing okay but as soon as I saw those lights go on I started sweating a bit,” he laughed.

“Things were happening faster than we expected but I knew she was in good hands and everything would be alright.”

Mater’s maternity team had little time to prepare for little Charlie’s arrival. Nurse Unit Manager Helen Weismann said they only had 20 minutes to deliver him safely once the ambulance arrived.

“We got the phone call from the ambulance letting us know that we should get ready because Kelly was very close to having the baby,” she said.

“Within 20 minutes of them arriving on the ward, he was out and it was all over.

“It’s not every day the team has a birth like that one. The adrenaline was certainly pumping!”

Mater Private Hospital Director of Clinical Services Karen Gerrard said it was an exciting time for the team to be welcoming so many new babies ahead of Mother’s Day.

“Every baby is special, but it’s even more special giving birth just moments before Mother’s Day,” she said.

“Mother’s Day is a day for us all to celebrate our amazing mums and thank them for everything they do for us.

“The team at Mater is so privileged to care for mothers and families each and every day as they bring new babies into the world.”

Mater Health Regional Executive Director Gerard Wyvill said Mother’s Day was also an opportunity to recognise midwives who play a crucial role in caring for mothers, babies and their families during their entire pregnancy journey.

“A day like Mother’s Day gives us a chance to also celebrate our dedicated and compassionate team of midwives who have been sharing these life-changing moments with local families every day since 1945,” he said.

“Mater is committed to providing the very best maternity care to mothers and families as they grow; and support them throughout pregnancy.

“Having a baby is an exciting time and we want to ensure that every baby receives the best possible start in life. Our Mater team is here to support families through preconception, pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood.

“That’s what makes Mater Mothers the perfect place to start the journey of motherhood.”



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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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