Mater Nappies boosts The Nappy Collective’s May drive with 300 000 nappies

Mater Nappies boosts The Nappy Collective’s May drive with 300 000 nappies

Mater Nappies has dramatically boosted The Nappy Collective’s national drive this month with an unprecedented donation of 300 000 nappies for families in crisis. The surprise donation will provide 100 needy families with a full supply of nappies for one year, and brings the organisation’s collection in the last three years to 1 034 625 nappies.

With babies requiring 6 – 8 nappies a day this vital material aid makes both a practical and emotional impact to the health and welfare of those already in a stressful situation. Demand has only increased since The Nappy Collective’s inception, with shelters and welfare agencies struggling to purchase nappies for their clients with their limited funds.

The Nappy Collective will redistribute all the nappies collected this year to over 130 organisations around Australia that support mothers fleeing family violence and families struggling with homelessness, mental illness, drug abuse, and extreme financial hardship. These organisations each support hundreds of families, enabling The Nappy Collective to directly assist tens of thousands of babies across the nation. The Nappy Collective is currently holding its biggest Collective to date from May 6-20. Spanning 39 cities and towns across the country, over 400 workplaces will collect hundreds of thousands of leftover, unused, disposable nappies (largely destined for landfill) for mothers in shelters and families in need.

Mater Mothers’ Hospitals Director of Ambulatory and Birthing Services Kay Wilson said she was delighted Mater was able to donate so many Mater nappies to such a worthy cause. “We are very excited that Mater Mothers’ Hospitals with the support our logistics partner DHL, are able to make this donation which we hope will make a significant difference to many families who are in need. Mater is a Mission-based not-for-profit organisation and the donation provides us another opportunity to deliver on our Mission to meet the needs of the community.”

Moran Dvir, Founding Board Member, says “We are absolutely thrilled to receive this incredible donation from Mater Mothers’ Hospitals in Brisbane.  Their generosity will allow us to help even more families in need, providing immediate financial relief and practical support to over 100 Australian families that struggle to afford everyday essentials – including nappies for their young children.”

Mothers fleeing family violence typically arrive to shelters in a highly stressed state with few belongings and limited or no access to money.  The inability to provide their children with even the most basic daily needs can lead to significant depression and anxiety, according to one study in the US. Desperate mothers may have to choose between clean nappies and other basic needs such as food or medicine, or even use paper towels to extend the use of their baby’s nappies. With the support of The Nappy Collective, mothers are able to focus their energy on their parenting and other daily challenges they face.

Mater Mothers maternity and baby care products, co-created by Mater Midwives + Mums, were developed to meet the unmet needs of mums looking for safe and ethical products from a brand they can trust.  Mater Mothers’ Hospitals, Australia’s largest maternity service, continues its exceptional care from the hospital to home with its award-winning skincare and nappy products specifically for newborn babies and mothers.


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