Ladies Auxiliary: Supporting Mater Mothers’ Hospitals for over 40 years

Ladies Auxiliary: Supporting Mater Mothers’ Hospitals for over 40 years

The dedicated women of the Mater Mothers’ Hospitals Auxiliary have contributed to Mater for more than 40 years; raising funds to support incredible technology and procedures performed at Mater Mothers’ including Australia’s first in-utero spinal surgery on a baby diagnosed with spina bifida.

Through the baby shop in the foyer of Mater Mothers’ Hospitals, as well as through their legendary cake and craft stall, the Mater Mothers’ Hospital Auxiliary have  raised $100,000s  to support the hospital.

Auxiliary member Suzanne, who was formerly a neonatal nurse in New Zealand, spoke about how important it is to continue supporting causes like the Mater Mothers' Hospitals Auxiliary in any way, shape or form.

“I’m no longer a nurse, but working alongside these beautiful women at Mater Mothers’ through the Auxiliary is my way of giving back to the community and supporting families who have their babies at the Mater Mothers’ Hospital,” said Suzanne.

The Mater Mothers’ Hospital Auxiliary are looking for donations of beautiful, handmade baby products, including blankets and quilts, clothing, sewn teddy bears or dolls, wooden crafted toys, as well as preserves like jam or home baked cakes*.

“Whether you have an old family recipe for jam, or are a wood crafter through your local Men’s Shed, we are always on the lookout for donations for us to sell in our shop and help raise valuable funds for the Mater Mothers’ Hospital,” said Suzanne.

“We recently sold a pretty set of dresses to a grandmother whose twin granddaughters were in NCCU; the dresses were patterned with little peas in pods and she was so excited to find something a little symbolic for her twins”, she said.

“They were just beautiful; mothers are always looking for beautifully sewn items from our baby shop”.

For information about  joining the Mater Mothers’ Hospital Auxiliary or donating your crafts and cakes towards the cause, please contact Mater Foundation on 07 3163 8000 or call to the shop on Level 5 Mater Mother’s Hospital on Tuesdays or Thursdays after 10.00am.


*All baked goods and jams must be supplied with a list of their ingredients and the date of when they were baked/preserved.



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For urgent assessment at any stage of your pregnancy, please present to your nearest emergency centre or Mater Mothers’ 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre in South Brisbane.

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