Gentle bath time care for baby

Gentle bath time care for baby

At Mater Mothers’ Hospitals we welcome more than 10 000 babies every year so we know that the first time washing your baby can be pretty scary – they’re so tiny with their wobbly head and then they become super slippery when you pop them in the water! Bathing the baby doll in the antenatal class suddenly seemed so easy!


When your baby is born your midwife may recommend using only water for the first six weeks. When you're ready to use a baby wash product, like after that first pooplosion (!), then it's best to use something that you know is tried and tested. Mater Baby Wash is used daily throughout our Mater Hospitals including our maternity and children's hospitals, as well as our large child daycare centre, so you know it can be trusted. 

With an overwhelming number of skin care products available to parents, you may be wondering what makes our Mater Baby Wash perfect for your little one – especially as bubs’ skin is much thinner than adult skin. Firstly our wash contains no ‘nasties’ like petrochemicals, added parabens or soap (SLS/sodium lauryl sulphate), so you can have peace of mind that you’re washing bub with a safe product. There’ll be no tears either with our gentle tear-free formula. All in all our Mater Baby Wash is just so gentle that you’ll want the whole family using it.

We understand how a fragrance can be indelibly linked to bonding with your baby and remind you of all those lovely memories of bub’s arrival at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals. Parents often let us know that the fragrance in Mater Baby Wash takes them right back to that moment when they’re bonding with bub - isn’t the power of smell amazing! 

We often get asked why we included a fragrance in Mater Baby Wash. When we were developing Mater Baby Wash, we initially didn’t include any fragrance however mums and dads asked us to include one so their bub smelt like a ‘new baby’. Of course new mums and dads know all too well that the actually ‘new baby’ smell may be more like 'eau de wee, poo or milk vomit'!

We then researched options for our fragrance as it needed to be non-irritating and low allergen to ensure that it was gentle enough for newborn skin – we also wanted to avoid essential oils as some of these may upset bub’s delicate skin. On dermatology advice we developed our very own Mater fragrance! So with our Midwives and Mums we created the light floral fragrance that’s now included in our Mater Baby Wash, as well as our Mater Baby Moisturiser, so bub smells just how you’d like your ‘new baby’ to smell!

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