Baby Lola’s all grown up!

Baby Lola’s all grown up!

When Mater mum Britt had baby Lola in 2012, starting school was just an event in the future! She still had to journey through teething, tantrums and many sleepless nights before uniforms, lunchboxes and polished shoes would become part of daily life.

Britt and Lola were photographed to launch Mater Body Balm for pregnancy, the first baby skincare product in Mater Mothers’ Hospitals’ new baby care range – its journey metaphorically similar to that of a new born baby – highs and lows but always moving forward.

Now in 2018, Lola is starting school as a preppie, and Britt reflects on the past five years.

“Lola has been such a gorgeous girl – I remember bringing her home, wondering what on earth was going to be in store for us, for her,” Britt said.

“We’ve made a few emergency dashes to hospital and wiped away many tears for a whole range of reasons – rational and otherwise!

“Lola is so excited to be starting school, she’s not been nervous at all – just can’t wait to go and be like all the big kids” she said.

The Mater baby care products’ journey began as an idea around 2008 after midwives, who were constantly asked what was best for baby’s skin, wanted to be able to recommend to new mothers, products that were safe, ethical and high quality.

Over the next five years, 3 000 midwives and mums across Australia were involved in research with Griffith Business School.

Armed with this valuable information, co-creator Mater midwives and mums worked with our specialist cosmetic formulator to develop the baby care product range.

In 2013, Mater’s Body Balm for pregnancy, Baby Wash and Baby Moisturiser were launched, five sizes of nappies in 2014 and our Nappy Balm in 2015.

With availability nationally in pharmacies and selected local Woolworths stores, international exports also began in 2017. Numerous Australian consumer-voted and international awards have reinforced the quality of the range including the coveted ‘Product of the Year’ award for the nappy range in 2016.

Where will things lead in 2018? Well, for Lola and Mater products – who knows? The world is at their feet.


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