Mater triplets celebrate another milestone

Mater triplets celebrate another milestone

Lisa gave birth to her triplet daughters Alice, Caitlin and Grace at Mater Mothers’ Hospital in March 2011 at 33 weeks and five days.

At the time, the thought of having three babies at once was daunting for Lisa and husband Tim, but as the girls start Prep this week, 2011 seems a long time ago.

Lisa says she can’t thank the hospital enough for the care she and her three beautiful daughters received.

“We had a great experience at the Mater who helped us every step of the way. Having multiples is a stressful experience and the staff helped us to feel confident as new time parents.”

It wasn’t until their 10 week scan appointment that Lisa and her husband Tim, were more than a little surprised to learn they were expecting triplets. 

“We were completely shocked and a little stressed at how we were going to manage, during the pregnancy and afterwards.  I don’t think the excitement kicked in until a bit later,” Lisa said.

At their 20 week scan the couple discovered their triplets were all girls and it was at this stage they started planning in earnest for their arrival.

“I didn’t have any complications during my pregnancy except for gestational diabetes but I was confined to bed rest for three weeks before the birth.”

“There were some issues with one of the girls not growing and so I was closely monitored to make sure everything was fine,” Lisa said.

At 33 weeks and five days Lisa was scheduled for a caesarean section.

“Words can’t describe seeing them for the first time,” said Lisa.  “It was overwhelming and emotional.  I saw all of them briefly before they were taken up to the Special Care Nursery.  We were very lucky that none of them needed tubing or breathing support.”

After spending some time in recovery Lisa and Tim were able to visit the Special Care Nursery to see their daughters and a week later the sisters were all moved into a special cot together.

“Each step they made was really unique and special and we took each day at a time,” Lisa said.

A month later, Alice, Caitlin and Grace were feeding well and ready to go home.

“It was a little daunting bringing them all home but Tim took the first three weeks off work and we had a lot of help from my mum and friends.  We were very lucky to have had that support, as being outnumbered by your babies is a little overwhelming,” Lisa said.

“It’s been challenging but life throws you these things and you deal with them. We are incredibly blessed to have the experience of raising three healthy beautiful little girls.”

“We thank God daily for our precious gifts of healthy, happy triplet girls and the support we received from Mater Mothers’ Hospital.”




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