A luxurious double delight Emporium stay

A luxurious double delight Emporium stay

Parents Skye-Maree and Dale recently became our first family with newborn twins to stay at Emporium Hotel South Bank on their way home from Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane. Welcoming Luca and Ayla to their family was made that extra little bit special as they spent their first few days as a family of five in luxury.

Mater Moments at Emporium Hotel South Bank offers eligible private families two nights’ accommodation in a luxurious king river view room that comes with all the creature comforts of a boutique hotel, while having 24/7 access to a Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane midwife onsite.

 “We are super grateful we were able to have this special experience with our twins. We loved it—it was such a nice end to our hospital stay.”

The Emporium Hotel was also the perfect place for big sister Bella-Rose to meet her new siblings.

“The room was beautiful with views of the city and river, and the bed was huge which was very much appreciated by my husband but was also of benefit for when Bella-Rose came to visit.  She crawled around and lay next to her new brother and sister. It was a really special moment,” Skye-Maree said. 

Their transition from hospital to home has allowed the family to ease into their new lifestyle.

“It has really helped us settle into our new way of life and we are so fortunate to have had two days of relaxation and luxury where we didn’t have to think about anything other than our new babies,” Skye-Maree said. 

“It was really nice to have that in-between level of care where we weren’t in hospital but still had access to a Mater midwife. The midwives were so lovely and were present and available as and when we needed, it was up to us. It set us up for going home and helped us so much.”

 “We spent our time going for walks down to South Bank, grabbing coffee from downstairs and checked out the view from the hotel’s rooftop. Even the elevators were fun! It was nice to have everything so close and the food was amazing,” Skye-Maree said. 

When asked if she would recommend the Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane offering to other families, Skye-Maree said:

“Absolutely! It was the best thing we ever did. It was such an awesome end to our birth experience and introduction to our new life as a family of five. This luxury escape was something we weren’t expecting to be able to enjoy on our transition from hospital to home, but was just what we needed.”

For more information about Mater Moments at Emporium Hotel South Bank, click here or call our team on 07 3163 1782.

*Subject to eligibility and availability.



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