There’s never a dull moment being a dad

Contributed by Proud Mater Dad Greg

For me, fatherhood brings a lot of mixed emotions.  Leading up to the birth of our son, Jadon there were lots of times where I was both excited and worried about this new chapter in my life.  The exciting parts I was looking forward to the most were bath time and playing with Jadon on his play gym.  However, my main concerns were the health of my wife and our baby during the pregnancy, the day of the birth, and the health of my wife and son during our stay in hospital.

Four months on, I can safely say there has never been a dull moment.  And there has been a strong change in my priorities since becoming a father.  No one can prepare you for having a little person in your life.  Every day brings something new, whether it be a sleepless night, learning about our son's early physical developments and needs, dealing with opinions from others, watching him rapidly outgrow his clothes or the joy on his face when he recognises me.

My favourite part of the day is when I come home to a smiling happy baby who loves me unconditionally.

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