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Mater Mothers’ Maternity Homecare Program has been designed to provide new mothers with the opportunity to return home early.

This program allows you to begin your family life in the comfortable, familiar and private surroundings of your home while being supported and educated by specifically trained visiting midwives.

A hospital stay has traditionally been four days for a vaginal birth and five days for a caesarean birth. Should you spend less time in hospital you are entitled to homecare visits from a midwife.

Continuing care to a program such as Mater's Maternity Homecare, where you receive education and care in your supported home environment, is a choice more women are making for themselves and their family.

Taking part in the homecare program

You can choose to take part in this program at any time during your pregnancy or after the birth of your baby. You may also wish to discuss this option with your obstetrician.

At home

The day after you and your baby leave the hospital, a Mater midwife will come to visit you. Although an exact time cannot be confirmed, the midwife will visit between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm. It is important that you and your baby stay at home until after the midwife has visited you.

Please note: The midwife will require any special instructions such as any broken roads, no street signs, parking difficulties or security gates. It is also important to tell the midwife if you have a dog—your dog will need to be locked away during your midwife's visits.

During their visit, the midwife will review and or discuss such things as:

  • your blood loss
  • any bladder symptoms
  • breastfeeding progress
  • your baby's urine output and bowel motions
  • sleeping and settling techniques
  • parenting skills
  • any questions and concerns you may have.

All babies are given the Newborn Screening test which is a simple and free blood test to search for rare but important medical disordered that affect babies. Early testing is important which is why the test is preferably performed when your baby is 48–72 hours old. The midwife will perform this test during the visit, if not done during your hospital stay.

Future visits are arranged according to the needs of both you and your baby.

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