Pregnancy Assessment and Observation Unit

Mater Mothers’ Hospitals' Pregnancy Assessment and Observation Unit is adjacent to Birth Suite and provides assessment and care for private and publicly-funded women after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The unit, managed by Mater Midwives, arranges care in the same way as hospital emergency departments, by using a triage process to prioritise women according to their individual situation. Women have the ability to access the support of obstetric, medical and allied health professionals as required.

If your maternity care is being provided by a private obstetrician and you attend the Pregnancy Assessment and Observation Unit the hospital will contact your obstetrician. 

Contacting PAOU—07 3163 7000

Whenever you contact PAOU with a concern or question, you will have a brief discussion with the midwife who will either ask you to come to hospital to be assessed or, if appropriate, to stay at home. You may also be asked to contact your GP or other health care provider.

Please note: in an emergency situation you should always call an ambulance. 

Triage on arrival at PAOU

When you arrive in PAOU a midwife will assess and triage you within 10 minutes; this will determine what care you require and when it will be provided. If your situation is not urgent you may be asked to wait; however, the triage midwife will keep you updated about when your next assessment will be performed.

If you are asked to stay at home, please do not hesitate to call PAOU if your situation changes or you become concerned.

If your maternity care is being provided by a private obstetrician and you attend the Pregnancy Assessment and Observation Unit, the hospital will contact your obstetrician.

Services provided by PAOU

During pregnancy

Management of ongoing issues of pregnancy.
Blood pressure checks.
CTG monitoring to assess fetal wellbeing.
Assessment, and care, in early labour.

After the birth of your baby (up to six weeks)

Assessment and care can be provided to you, up to six weeks after the birth of your baby, in certain situations (please note: during business hours, you should contact your GP or your obstetrician):
You have a fever or feel unwell.
You have any concerns about your wound (i.e. showing any signs of infection).
You have unusual vaginal bleeding (i.e. increase in amount) or offensive smelling loss.
Breastfeeding issues:
     - Between 7.30 am and 3.30 pm, please call Mater Mothers’ Breastfeeding Support Service on  07 3163 8847.
     - At any time, call the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA):  1800 686 2 686 (24-hour service).
Your baby is unwell: call an ambulance, contact your GP or paediatrician, or take your baby to Mater Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department.


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