December 2016

Winners of the '10 000 babies born in 2016' competition

Thank you for sharing your #beautifulmoments2016 in celebration of the more than 10 000 babies born at Mater in 2016.

Mater celebrates 10 000 babies in 2016

Baby Rita Rose was born at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals with an extra special detail to share―born on the 13 December at 13.33pm, measuring 49.5 cm, weighing 2842 grams and Mater’s 10,000th baby born this year!

Christmas Shipping for Mater Products

Friday 16 December is the last order day for scheduled shipping before Christmas for those in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

NCCU marks first year of transition

Today marks one year since Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) moved their babies into cohorts based on their reason for admission to improve patient outcomes and streamline medical treatment.

Top tips for keeping baby cool in hot weather

With temperatures set to crack 40 degrees Celsius in parts of Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales over the next few days, we’ve asked our expert Mater Mothers' midwives for their tips when it comes to keeping your baby safe and comfortable in the heat. 

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